Friday, August 26, 2016

The Insanity of God - Movie

I spent a few of years in seminary earning an M.Div and an M.A. prior to being an international church planter. Many have asked me over the years if my time in seminary was worth it or did I just waste those years. Although one can argue for both cases, I always tell people to follow wherever you sense God is leading you. If that means seminary first, then go to seminary, if that means never going to seminary, then don't spend the time in seminary.

I'm thankful for my time in seminary and in preparation to move overseas one of the classes that impacted me the most personally was on the persecuted church. This was a week long intensive class that was spent hearing story after story of the persecuted believers around the world, our brothers and sisters in the faith. At some point that week everyone had tears in their eyes as we continually asked ourselves, "Is Jesus worth it?"

Since attending that class I've had the privileges of walking alongside Christians in one of the top 25 persecuted countries in the world. A season in my life that I will never forget and may forever ask myself internally if I should return. A few years after taking the class The Insanity of God book was released, which I cannot recommend enough to help give yourself a glimpse of what the majority of Christians in the world deal with on a daily basis.

Now, the Insanity of God movie is being released in select theaters this coming Tuesday, August 30th. Seeing and hearing this true story will be well worth your time and the time of your church if you can find it at a theater near you. Please do not miss this opportunity if you are able and can find a theater as you too ask yourself "Is Jesus worth it?"

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