Friday, May 6, 2016

Book Giveaway: All Authority

Joey Shaw recently released his book, All Authority, on how the authority of Jesus upholds the Great Commission. Shaw is the International Filed Officer for the Austin Stone Community Church and has years of experience in overseas ministry.

From the book:

Everybody who follows Jesus will encounter a myriad of “authorities” that directly challenge the authority of Christ. These other “authorities” may be parents, teachers, bosses, presidents, institutions, religions, or ideologies. In order to stay firm in devotion to Jesus, we must believe that He has supreme authority over all. Not partial authority, not most authority—all authority. On the basis of his authority, he commissioned his people to go and make disciples among every people group on earth. This is an impossible commission if it were not for the promise that he is with them forever. The doctrine of the supreme authority of Christ not only upholds the work of the church, it is the central message that the church preaches. “Jesus is Lord” is good news!

I am giving away one copy of All Authority because I believe it is the most neglected part of the Great Commission and a key reminder that the church needs.

To win a copy of All Authority you need to do two things:

1. Leave a comment on this post. Include your name and email in the form, and tell us what other books on the Great Commission have helped form your thinking.

2. Tweet or share the giveaway. Point people to the giveaway via Twitter or FaceBook. You can specifically tweet this: "Enter to win a free copy of Joey Shaw's book, All Authority. (Be sure and leave your Twitter or FB name with your comment on the blog so I can find your tweet.)

Entries are cut off Monday morning at 9am (EST), and a winners will be announced shortly after.

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  1. The big name guys have had an impact (Chandler, Keller, Carson, etc.) but it's been the guys that knew me enough to disciple me and call me to repentance like Mike Pinkston, AJ Hamilton, Ryan Keeney, David Ritchie and Ron of other men and women probably won't get book deals that have left the biggest impact on my life. Twitter- @jacobcates