Wednesday, May 4, 2016

All Authority: How the Authority of Jesus Upholds the Great Commission

Joey Shaw recently released his book, All Authority: How the Authority of Jesus Upholds the Great Commission, which is a book about the authority of Jesus being the basis for the Great Commission. Joey says,"this is an impossible commission if it were not for the promise that he is with them forever." I was intrigued by this book from the time I heard of its release because of this simple, yet impactful, phrase at the beginning of the Great Commission that many of us often skip right over in practice.

Shaw sets the book up in a way as to walk through the Great Commission but instead of initially focusing on the obedience to it, like books before it, he focuses on "without the truth that Jesus has 'all authority,' our mission to 'make disciples' of all peoples is not only impossible, it is fatally foolish."

This book became very personal for me because of my own calling to ministry and years spent in overseas missions service by planting churches in South Asia. Many of the stories that Shaw tells in the book are ones that I have experienced and can see in my own memory. While this personally resonated with me, I fear sometimes that books like this put all of their emphasis of obeying the Great Commission by equating it to only overseas missions. 

I do not think that Shaw believes that or those were his intentions, but I do hope readers will see that we are to be about the Great Commission wherever God has placed us; but that is only by His Authority that it is even possible. 

This is a powerful book that packs a lot of punch at just over 200 pages. The authority by which the Great Commission was given is the most left out part of the Great Commission in practice. In reading this book it gives me a hope that Christ followers will start resting in the authority of Jesus before attempting to accomplish the Great Commission in their own strength. 

I highly recommend this book to those that are tired of trying to be on mission in their own strength, and want to find the rest of being on mission by his authority. Specifically if you are involved with church planting locally or globally I would recommend have planters read this book as they are sent out. 

If you are interested in winning a free copy, please check back on the blog this coming Friday to see how to have your name entered. 

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