Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Planning 2016

On Monday I wrote about how what one does at the beginning of the year sets the tone for the entire year. A large part of setting the tone is planning for the year ahead. It helps me if I write things out that are a priority in my life and then I plan a time to get alone with my wife where we will discuss them and pray over them together in our joint planning. This year our planning will look a little different than it did last year because of working two very different jobs and preparing to see a new gospel work started.

Below is an example of a few of the broad categories that I will plan for as we start the new year:

1. Family - Andrea and I plan on taking some time in January to look at the year ahead and plan as to what our monthly life will look like as a family. We will pencil things on each others calendar as far as my traveling/ministry schedule, her ministry schedule, when we will vacation, etc. This allows for us to be on the same page and also be prepared as the year unfolds.

2. Ministry - I plan on taking some time in January to seek God and see where it is that I really feel like he is leading me to put my time and energy in 2016. A large part of this will revolve around my role as a regional director with the Table Network, but I still want to take time to hear from the Lord. I also plan on continuing my regular preaching schedule as opportunities come up.

3. Writing - 2015 proved to be a slower year for this blog in regards to my own writing availability and it may continue at that speed to start 2016. The audience and requests to do reviews and host giveaways continued to grow and stay steady though. Many have encouraged me to take my blog and writing to the next level and I am seriously considering it. I am considering releasing my first e-book at some point on what it looks like to live as an everyday missionary in the context where God has placed you. It will be highly advertised if it happens, but keep your eyes and ears open for when this takes place.

To help me plan I have started using a Moleskine-Weekly-Planner, which can be found at 50% from many retailers right now.

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