Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Best Posts of 2015

At the end of the day we will all being saying goodbye to 2015, and embracing the celebration of ringing in a new year. Some of us can't wait to move on from 2015 and others of us may be anxious as to what the new year holds. 

Before we officially move on, let's take one more look at the top posts on this blog from 2015. The ones that you, the readers made the most special. Thanks to you all and a Happy New Year!

10. 4 Mission Motivators

This posts is based on a brief book on missions by Dr. David Alan Black that challenges readers by asking two questions. First, would you like to become part of the Big Story of what God is doing worldwide? Second, would you like to be on mission for Him? He then lays out four powerful motives that are necessary in order to have the courage to fully embrace and answers these questions with a resounding YES!

9. Questions to Help Facilitate Disciple-Making Movements

These five questions can be asked and answered by anyone, these are not for some elite level of seminary trained Christians. In other words you don't necessarily need to change the routine of your normal life in order to implement these, instead you have freedom to start asking these questions and see what happens as you answer them, you may be surprised! 

8. 5 Ways to Help Returning Missionaries Part 1 and Part 2

This is a post that I have wanted to write for about a year now, but wanted to wait until my family had returned from life overseas and been back for at least a year. Call it my own pride, but this was mostly so that people wouldn't feel sorry for us or think that we expected these things from them. As much as possible my family wanted relationships to normalize. Last month marked one year exactly since we returned from catalyzing church plants in S. Asia and it was a year full of transitions, disappointment, unmet expectations, blessings, and the favor of God.The only people who will truly ever understand you are those that have also been sent out and experienced what you have gone through. This has led me to list 5 ways to help returning missionaries.

7. Everyday People Equipped for Ministry

This post is not meant to be against seminary, as I cherish the time I spent in seminary and may go on to the next level eventually. But it is meant to challenge the church as a whole in what it means to be equipped for ministry and to break down the distinction between "clergy" and "laity." I would love to hear any personal stories, testimonies, or thoughts in regards to every disciple being equipped for ministry.

6. Viewing Every Aspect of Life as Ministry

The act of disciple making is the calling of every follower of Jesus. So do not make the mistake of thinking that if you are seminary trained or a leader in the church that you are serving God more faithfully than the stay at home mom, barista, bartender, or salesperson from your church. Each of us in Christ are called to live a life on mission that is about the business of disciple making

5. Freedom by Grace through Faith

In Galatians 5:5 it tells us that those that are free live by faith through the Spirit. This shows us that we are to accept righteousness by faith through Christ, not by the works of ourselves. We are to point to the work that Christ did. The Judaizers on the other hand practice works so that they may obtain righteousness, which is something that will never end because it can not be obtained. Darrin Patrick described this well when he said, "You are under the law and not grace when you take your moral performance and offer it as your reason for salvation, this is your flesh, and you need to kill it!"

4. 30 Lesson on My 30th Birthday

In this post I reflect on leaving the decade that was my initial entrance into adulthood and enter full-blown adult life as I turn 30. Many of you have probably noticed my lack of writing recently and much of that is due to the stage of life that I am in and the fact that this is more of a hobby. Either way, I appreciate my faithful readers and wanted to share some fun and encouraging lessons in my thirty years on earth.

3. Rest and Freedom in Anxiousness

The last few years I have had to make some major decisions regarding my life and the life of my family. These included what city and country to live, how long to serve as church planters to a foreign nation that became home, what ministry opportunities to take and which ones to turn down. During many of these I found myself in a state of anxiousness with the weight of the decision on my shoulders.

2. Lives Marked by Indecisive Minds or Undivided Hearts

Although I have remained confident in my calling, I have been seeking complete confirmation that I am doing the right things, before taking the leap of faith in them. There is something freeing about admitting something that you struggle with and if I am being completely transparent I do feel at times that I am in disobedience for my lack of acting on opportunities that God has placed in front of me because of my indecisive mind.

1. Why Did You Return? A Growing Burden for My Own Country.

I returned to the U.S. with a growing burden for the peoples in my own country to know and worship Jesus. To see people from my own country experience the freedom and family found at the table Jesus has prepared. I want to be used by God to see here in my own country, what he used me to see there in India. This is the reason that I joined the Table Network because this is their heart as well.

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