Monday, November 30, 2015

Because of Who He is

In my years of ministry I have been privileged to work with a number of different ministries and churches. The International Mission Board is one of those agencies that are doing more globally to make disciples and plant churches than any other agency that I know. During the Christmas season they take up a special offering to help continue funding the mission that God has called them to. If you are part of the Great Commission Baptists I ask that you prayerfully consider where you are spending your money this Christmas season and consider giving sacrificially to something such as this that will have eternal value. And if you are not part of the Great Commission Baptists and you need a place to give then what a better opportunity than one that is helping make disciples and plant churches globally.

We are God's missionary people, sharing the only hope for this broken world. That is why we send, why we go and why we give ... because God is worthy of the worship of all people.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

30 Lessons On My 30th Birthday

Today I leave the decade that was my initial entrance into adulthood and enter full-blown adult life as I turn 30. Many of you have probably noticed my lack of writing recently and much of that is due to the stage of life that I am in and the fact that this is more of a hobby. Either way, I appreciate my faithful readers and wanted to share some fun and encouraging lessons in my thirty years on earth.

1. Resting in Jesus is truly the best thing that you can ever do.

2. My wife is absolutely my biggest supporter, best friend, and way beyond what I deserve.

3. Children are hard work but worth it, and a blessing from the Lord.

4. Travel as much as you can before 30, but don't let age ever stop you.

5. The Whole 30 diet works.

6. Black, third wave coffee, really is better.

7. 4 more years of school (college) was worth the time and sacrifice.

8. Few childhood friends will stick with you for the long haul.

9. People are constantly coming in and out of your life just like seasons.

10. Living in another country taught me more about myself than any classroom ever did.

11. Don't let other people define you or tell you what you are supposed to do.

12. Listen to God above all others.

13. Never stop learning whether formally or informally.

14. Always be pouring into someone else and always have someone pouring into you.

15. A bachelor's degree and two master degrees do not guarantee you a job.

16. You will never make everyone happy and you aren't supposed to.

17. Commit to a local church and community and go deep there.

18. Use every opportunity as a learning experience.

18. Slowing down around the table with your family is one of the best things you can do in your day.

19. Take a weekly Sabbath and a regular spiritual retreat, you need both.

20. Never stop dating your spouse and make date night a regular routine.

21. There is no substitute for eating healthy.

22. NC BBQ is the best. Period.

23. The world really is a messed up place and the only thing that can change that is the gospel of Jesus Christ as it works in peoples lives.

24. There is something special about waking up early to enjoy the quiet morning before starting your day.

25. Nobody has life figured out at 30 and if they claim they do they are full of it.

26. Pursue your calling from God until you are on the map where he wants you doing what he has designed you to do.

27. Social media is a great tool, but also a huge time waster.

28. Apple products trump every other related company.

29. Form rhythms and routines in your norms and networks in order to build strong relationships that point people to Jesus.

30. I still need the gospel preached to me daily.