Wednesday, May 27, 2015

You Are Not...

I was looking back over some sermon notes recently and was reminded of a few things that I needed to hear in regards to identity of the believer. We cannot allow our lives to be defined by our ministry, but it must be found in Christ and what he has accomplished. 

The pastor who I was listening to that day reminded me of three things that may help describe us outwardly, but not ultimately where our identity should be found:

1. You are not your gifts so your identity should not be found there.

2. You are not your position whether that be church planter, pastor/elder, deacon, etc.

3. You are not ultimately your performance.

If I am honest with myself, this is an area that I struggle with often because I do allow it to be caught up in those things; but I have continuously learned that if my identity is found in those things then I will always let myself and others down. Instead I am daily learning to abide in Christ and allow him to be the only identity that I need.

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