Monday, March 2, 2015

2015 Carolina Beard and Moustache Competition

Over the last several years beards have become mainstream again, which has been a benefit to those like myself when entering the corporate work environment or even ministry settings as I am seeing more and more pastors now with large beards. Along with this there are now even clubs throughout the country for those that sport whiskers of any kind, yes, you read that right, there are clubs for people that have beards and mustaches. 

To some this may seem silly or dumb, but the truth is that this is a place where many are finding community and doing good for their community by hosting competitions to give the proceeds to charities that help those in need. My involvement is twofold. First, it is one of my second spaces, a place where I connect with people over a common bond and get a chance to hear their story, share my story, and point to the story of Jesus changing my life. Second, it is a place where I can come together with others that I don't know and help support some charities that are making a difference throughout our state and country. I do not know many people that would argue with a bunch of people hosting an event just to give all of the proceeds away. 

2015 marks the 4th annual BAM competition and the second that I will have an opportunity to attend and compete. The charity recipient for this year is the Safe Alliance Charlotte Domestic Violence Shelter and Backpack Beginnings

This year there are sixteen different competition categories and I will likely be entering the 6"-12" natural full-beard category. 

Each competition features beard and moustache art showcase, live music, local food and local brews. If you don't have a beard then no worries, just come out to have a good time with your bearded community and support a good cause. There is even a ladies fake beard competition so there is no excuse for not coming out.

It's not to late to register to attend or enter a category. Hope to see you there!

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