Monday, January 12, 2015

Questions to Help See A Disciple Making Movement in 3 Spaces

Since joining the Table Network  last month I have received many questions from people wanting to learn more about us and what we are all about. Over the coming months I plan on sharing some posts that give some general insight to help bring some clarity. At the Table Network we see life happening in three spaces. The first space is where you go to your norms and networks. Your norms are where your home is, the school your kids go to, the coffee shop you hit every morning, your workplace, your gym, pub, etc. These are the spaces you naturally frequent because that is where life takes you. Your networks are different, they are the spaces you intentionally go out of your way to enter: the school your serving, the place you volunteer, the weekly karaoke night at the bar, the softball league you play in, the pier you fish, etc. 

The second space is where you connect with people in places you have created or places you have been invited to. This can be a game night, a party, or even a publicized event on doing a Q&A about Jesus. The third space is the place where believers pause and are equipped and encouraged to follow Jesus. Note this space can happen anywhere, and should be conducive to both learning and freeing people up for 1st and 2nd space ministry with those outside the faith.

It is helpful no matter if you are going, connecting or pausing to ask yourself a number of questions to help see a disciple making movement in all three spaces:

  • What are the norms and networks where I go?
  • How do I connect with people in places I have created or been invited?
  • How do I share the good news in my norms, networks, and the places where I connect?
  • How do I pause and make disciples who disciple others?
  • How do I form groups in these spaces that will reproduce?
  • How do I develop and multiply local leaders in these spaces?

These five questions can be asked and answered by anyone, these are not for some elite level of seminary trained Christians. In other words you don't necessarily need to change the routine of your normal life in order to implement these, instead you have freedom to start asking these questions and see what happens as you answer them, you may be surprised! 

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