Wednesday, January 21, 2015

10 Things to Pray for Ones Wife

Below is a list of ten things to pray for ones wife from Desiring God. I posted this last January as I was beginning my year, but needed the reminder as I imagine most men do. If you would like a free print version click here.

10 Things to Pray for My Wife 
  1. 1  God, be her God — her all-satisfying treasure and all. Make her jealous for your exclusive supremacy in all her affections (Psalm 73:24–25). 
  2. 2  Increase her faith — give her a rock-solid confidence that your incomparable power is only always wielded for her absolute good in Christ (Romans 8:28–30). 
  3. 3  Intensify her joy — a joy in you that abandons all to the riches of your grace in Jesus and that says firmly, clearly, gladly: “I’ll go anywhere and do anything if you are there” (Exodus 33:14–15). 
  4. 4  Soften her heart — rescue her from cynicism and make her tender to your presence in the most complicated details and a multitude of other needs you’ve called her to meet (Hebrews 1:3). 
  5. 5  Make her cherish your church — build relationships into her life that challenge and encourage her to walk in step with the truth of the gospel, and cause her to love corporate gatherings, the Lord’s Table, and the everyday life of the body (Mark 3:35). 
  6. 6  Give her wisdom — make her see dimensions of reality that I would overlook and accompany her vision with a gentle, quiet spirit that feels safe and celebrated (1 Peter 3:4). 
  7. 7  Sustain her health — continue to speak your gift of health and keep us from presumption; it is by blood-bought grace (Psalm 139:14). 
  8. 8  Multiply her influence — encourage and deepen the impact she has on our children. Give her sweet glimpses of its fruit. Pour her out in love for our neighbors and spark creative ways to engage them for Jesus’s sake
    (John 12:24). 
  9. 9  Make her hear your voice — to read the Bible and accept it as it really is, your word... your very word to her where she lives, full of grace and power and everything she needs pertaining to life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3). 
  10. 10  Overcome her with Jesus — that she is united to him, that she is a new creature in him, that she is your daughter in him. . . No longer in Adam and dead to sin; now in Christ and alive to you, forever (Romans 6:11). 

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