Wednesday, November 19, 2014

"Now that you are back, What's Next?"

Over the last year many of you have asked, "Now that you are back in the U.S., what's next?" This has been a good question that I could always give some general answer to, but not a specific answer. It has been a difficult season of transition, uncertainty, open and closed doors, and now a new opportunity. During this season I have learned a lot about myself, my marriage, and the God of the universe. On really bad days I questioned my calling and on really good days I was ready to see missional communities and churches started on every block throughout the U.S.

Much of what I have experienced has been described as "normal" for someone that was sent out overseas, but it has honestly been hard to fit back into the American Church because I sense that many sitting in the pews or stadium seats are Christ-followers, but not the Kingdom minded type of people that I was amongst for so long. Many seem content with their safe social clubs that genuinely love Jesus and each other, but struggle to reach out to those that look different than them within their own context. This is one reason I believe that God called us away from India and back to the American context, in order to help see the bride of Christ, the Church, embrace her calling as missionaries sent on mission into the world to every rural town, suburban cul-de-sac, and major city.

A lot of my time this year has been spent networking with leaders from multiple denominations, house churches, traditional churches, mega and multisite churches, and churches made up of missional communities. Truthfully I have a love for every single one of them because I too, love the bride of Christ. Networking has allotted me many opportunities for pulpit supply preaching this year, which has been an incredible way to connect further with the Universal Church, work on a the art and craft of preparing and delivering a sermon, and assisted in providing for my family.

Networking has also led me to join The Table Network as a regional director, primarily focused on the mid-south region. At the Table Network we desire to see people find freedom, rest, and wonder in the life-changing reality of the gospel. We are a growing network that desires to see new churches started within the fabric of every culture. At the moment this is one of many hats that I will be wearing moving forward. If you would like to learn more about the Table Network, our initiatives, or how you can become part of us then check out the website and feel free to contact me directly.

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