Friday, November 14, 2014

11 Church Planting "Do Overs" from Bob Roberts Jr.

Bob Roberts Jr. is the founding senior pastor of Northwood Church in Keller Texas and the author of the book The Multiplying Church , which I highly recommend. The other day I caught a series of Tweet's in regards to church planting and if he were to do it all over again. These are eleven nuggets of wisdom that young aspiring church planters like myself should take note of and learn from.

If I were planting all over again . . . .

1. I would study & pray over the Sermon on the Mount & the Kingdom of God until I was broken & obsessed over it.
2. I would ask to be filled with the Holy Spirit & not get up off my knees until I was overcome & anointed.
3. I would ask God for a team & it would be multiethnic - only 2 others.
4. I would fast & pray over the city a week. 
5. I would find the oldest Godliest believer in the city and ask what God has been saying to them.
6. I would head towards the area of the city that had 3 socio-comic groupings.
7. Our team would start a small group & practice Body Life - focus on our individual neighbors & do a community project.
8. Teach Kingdom - Hear & Obey disciples - City as grid - & 3 expressions of church.
9. We'd pray and fast over a hard place in the world to work.
10. We'd announce our community & global focus along w/introducing our intern who will be planting a new church our first Sunday.
11. I would not focus on church planters, but sons & daughters.

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