Monday, October 13, 2014

Quotes from Beat God to the Punch

Last month Pastor Eric Mason released his new book Beat God to the Punch: Because Jesus Demands Your Life. The publisher graciously sent me a free copy to read through and review as well as to host a a giveaway. I have really enjoyed working through this book as it has helped me sense my need of the continued grace that God bestows upon me.

Today I just wanted to share some memorable quotes from the book and on Wednesday of this week I will post a review along with a chance to win a copy on Friday, so be sure to check back then.

Notable Quotes 
Beating God to the punch involves willingly bending one's life to Jesus now, and forever. (2)

Let's be clear: beating God to the punch is never accomplished through our own effort, enlightenment, strength, or power. Only be God's grace is one able to bow. (3)

The apostles embraced the Lordship of Jesus over every area of their lives. (5)

Real life, for a disciples, is a journey of wrestling with a pattern of faith and loyalty to who Jesus is. (6)

As God's unmerited favor, grace is God choosing to place His affections on us and thereby lavishing us with Himself through the person and work of Jesus. (10)

In all of our lives we should be able to point to an encounter with grace in which we were signaled to follow the Son of God. (16)

Following Jesus always means abandoning something else that preoccupied our lives prior to grace passing by and being preoccupied by Him. (16)

A disciple of Jesus Christ is one who has renounced himself or herself and pledged to being in a lifetime apprenticeship with the Lord Jesus Christ (Matt. 10:39). (17)

Jesus changes the normal pattern between student and teacher by choosing the student and choosing those who wouldn't normally be on the radar of any rabbi in His day. (22)

The grace of God found in the person of Jesus Christ saved us not merely from sin, death, hell, and the devil, but also from the wrath of God. (32)

We must recognize that there is no grace-filled life without comprehensive spiritual renewal. (50)

My point about Jesus is this; people who truly encounter Him and people who truly respond to Him will always have their perceptions blown by Him. (52)

Being filled with the Spirit also means being filled with the grace of God. (59)

The role of grace is not to eliminate suffering, but to sustain us through the valley. (62)

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