Friday, August 29, 2014

A Positive Shift For the Future of IMB/SBC

If you read my last post then you know that I have always been sort of an anomaly in life. This would include not completely fitting in within my own denominational background of the SBC. A large part of this is due to the fact that I believe that we are first followers of Christ and I enjoy fellowshipping and networking with people from all different networks, tribes, and denominations. I regularly meet with church planters and pray for them and maybe to your surprise I meet with guys that are planting churches that I don't always agree with and sometimes would not even consider joining their launch team. But you know what I will do for them, pray with and for them.

Along my journey within the SBC my family felt called to be church planters. We considered a few different organizations and paths to do international church planting, but landed right back with the International Mission Board. I knew before ever starting the lengthy process with the IMB that I would once again be an anomaly and not really fit in the way that many others would, but I also knew that despite my differences that they are doing some of the best overseas work out there. I will not say that our process or two years serving under the oversight of the IMB was not without its hiccups because there were plenty, but overall we feel that it was an honor and privilege to serve with this organization.

Upon my departure a few months ago I had many concerns about the future of the IMB and still hold some of those, but when it was announced a couple of days ago that David Platt is the new IMB president many of those fears left. First, I have met Platt personally and heard him preach many times over the last five years and know his heart. Second, I always joke that if you have served overseas then you are more radical than Platt, but if there is anyone cut out for this role that is known within the SBC it is Platt. Third, the church he has been leading has been an example of how the local church can both partner with an organization such as the IMB and also do things completely on their own.

Platt gives me hope for the future of the largest and most historic missions agency in the world. It is exciting to see a man not much older than myself to take the reigns of such a large organization.  Yes, he is only one man and ultimately Christ is in charge, but I believe that Platt is the chosen man for this next season of leading the IMB.

I'm personally praying for him and his family, the people at Brook Hills, and the IMB as all three are about to experience radical transitions!

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