Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Fearless Speaking Book Giveaway

Did you know that between 56% and 70% of us suffer from some form of speech anxiety? That translates to millions of Americans suffering from a phobia that negatively impacts their lives, whether they are giving a toast at a wedding or making a presentation at work. There are hundreds of books on public speaking, but only a handful address the actual fear of public speaking.

I’d love to give one of you a copy of the recently-published Fearless Speaking by Dr. Gary Genard. What makes Fearless Speaking stand out? Fearless Speaking is 100% about overcoming your speaking fear through practical tips and hands-on exercises.

Dr. Genard brings decades of experience as an actor, teacher, and speech coach to helping clients conquer their stage fright. With Fearless Speaking, you can learn the same performance-based techniques that form the basis of his in-depth fear reduction system. In fact, this book is the only fully self-guided approach to overcoming fear of public speaking inspired by the theater.

Would you like a copy of Fearless Speaking, which includes 50 practical, hands-on exercises? These are perfect for anyone reentering the workforce or who needs help polishing their presentation skills, no matter the setting (work, church, volunteer opportunities). 

To win the copy of Fearless Speaking you need to do one of two things:
1. Leave a comment on this post. Include your name and email in the form, and tell us a time you had to give some form of a speech in front of a large group that caused you some type of anxiety and how you overcame it. 
2. Tweet or Share (Facebook) the giveaway. Point people to the giveaway via Twitter or Facebook. You can specifically tweet this: "Enter to win a free copy of Gary Genard's book, Fearless Speaking". (Be sure and leave your Twitter name with your comment on the blog so I can find your tweet.) Also it would be helpful if you use #FearlessSpeakingBook.

Entries are cut off Friday evening at 5pm (EST) and the winner will be announced on Monday.


  1. Starting in childhood I would have to give short presentations either at church or school. I was usually happy because my last name started with a "J", so I would not be the first or the last person called! It has been quite some time since I have had to give a presentation, but I can still imagine butterflies in my stomach. Looking forward to being better prepared by reading this book!

  2. I remember being nervous in college as I had to give presentations or the time I decided to be an extra for a play for the theater department. Tons of eyes are staring at you and you can either sink or swim. Thankfully, I had a speech class that was part of my major but that didn't stop my nerves from flaring up. This sounds like a good read with helpful hints and even the best speakers can have an off day. -Shannon

  3. I never struggle with public speaking until the moment I moved to USA and I was forced to speak in a second language. What I did to overcome that when I am speaking in front of a crow is to focus in one person (the one that seems to be understanding me the most) and from there when I gain enough confidence I start to relax and be myself with everybody else! Andrea

  4. Shannon Massi Yuri you are the winner! Thank you to all of you that shared via social media and commented. Shannon, let me get in contact with the media team for Fearless Speaking and they will send the book directly to you.