Friday, July 25, 2014

Fearless Speaking: Beat Your Anxiety . Build Your Confidence . Change Your Life

Last month Dr. Gary Genard's newest book Fearless Speaking released and I knew that I could not pass up the opportunity for a free copy. My undergraduate degree is in Communication Studies and the first class that really sparked my interests in this field was my Public Speaking class. I will never forget that class because most students were terrified and could not wait to get out of the classroom, but I thrived off of the energy of getting in front of a group of people and speaking.

Although I enjoy public speaking, the majority of people have a fear of speaking in front of large groups of people, which is exactly why this book was written. "Fearless Speaking is about one thing and one thing only: helping you permanently overcome any fears and anxieties about public speaking that have been holding you back and limiting your effectiveness." 

The book is written in a way to be a powerful self-directed course for eliminating speech anxiety while strengthening ones confidence and skills. The goal of the book as stated in the title is to change your life. Speech anxiety is one thing that holds many people back and by overcoming this fear one can develop into an entirely different person with confidence. 

Even though I am confident in my public speaking skills there is still much in this book that I benefited from. The book does not read like a text book, but it is more topical in nature with helpful case studies on each chapter topic. There are exercises in each chapter that help you overcome certain types of anxiety and become comfortable and confident in your public speaking. I currently preach on a regular basis and I am still discovering areas where I struggle in my performance and delivery that this book has helped me improve upon. 

This book really has something for everyone because I have learned that even the most polished speaker struggles in some area of their stage performance. Public speaking is something that I love and want to see others enjoy too. In the words of Genard "Public speaking remains one of the most exciting experiences in modern society." 

Fearless Speaking is a one-stop-shopping approach to overcoming fear of public speaking. The book gives you Genard's complete fear reduction system, the very same techniques he uses with his private clients in Boston. If anyone who reads the book would like to arrange for one-on-one sessions with Dr. Genard, they are welcome to arrange for an in-person appointment by contacting The Genard Method at

To get your copy of the book, visit Fearless Speaking Book to discover what experts in various fields are saying about the book. You can also download a complimentary chapter there, or purchase the book for $19.95 with free shipping in the U.S. (It's also available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble online.)

If you want to wait to purchase the book and take your chances on winning a copy, I will be hosting a giveaway sometime in the next week here on the blog so be sure to keep an eye out.

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