Friday, June 13, 2014

Biblical Counseling for A Global Audience

Today I am on my way to S. Asia to partner with two different teams in two cities where a group of national church planters have expressed the need for a practical training on biblical counseling for their context. Before you start questioning my own ability at an area that is not my area of study or expertise, I am mainly functioning as the trip leader, culture insight for the team, and teaching the opening to the conference and one section in the middle. I am traveling with Brad Hambrick who is the Counseling Pastor at the Summit Church and a beast of a counselor.

I have gotten to know Brad over the past six months as we have prepared for this trip and I love his heart for biblical counseling both in the US, but also in places around the world. This is a very strategic trip because based on conversations there is a need for this type of trip and training all over the world. To my knowledge it may be a first of its kind for a local church based on the uniqueness of the trip.

Please pray for us as we travel the next couple of days, our families while we are away, our trainings in both locations, and that through everything we will glorify God. This trip is packed full everyday with very little down time so my blog may be taking a week off. If time allows then I may post some of what is happening during our time on the field, but definitely look for some posts on the trip when I return.

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