Monday, May 19, 2014

Graduation Day and What's Ahead

It may have been a five year process, but graduation day from seminary finally came and brought a conclusion to my masters of divinity and masters of arts degrees. The day was everything that I had anticipated: emotion-filled, gospel-filled, and a day full of celebration with family and friends. Andrea even threw me a surprise party with part of our community from the Summit. 
The people most important to me in life, including my boys (not pictured), were there to witness me walking across the stage to receive the honor of these degrees. My wife, Andrea, receives every bit of congratulations as I do because she has sacrificed as much and probably more of her life for these degrees than I have. She was also my biggest supporter throughout, always encouraging me to continue on to finish well. This day would not have been possible without her by my side.
It was also great to have my parents in participation of the celebration as they provided the way for me to make it through my undergraduate degree, which allowed me to pursue graduate studies soon after finishing. My dad has always described his children's graduations as his way of winning the super bowl. He was extra excited this weekend as he said, "he won two." 
Many people have asked me about what is next now that we have returned from being church planters overseas and graduated. To be completely honest this season of my life has been a lot of waiting on the Lord to lead me in the right direction. I recently received an offer that the Lord told me to turn down, but there are a couple of other churches that I am in conversation at he moment. I do not want to say too much, but do ask that you pray for my family as we seek what the Lord would have for us this next season of life and ministry.

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