Friday, April 4, 2014

Release Cohort Intensive Two

For the next several days I will be in Chicago for the second Release Initiative church planting intensive cohort. I have had many people ask me about Release since the first cohort in February and all of the proceeding blog post that came out of it. Before I go any further let me be clear in saying that I cannot recommend Release enough! If you are considering planting a church or even leading a church now and want to instill Kingdom DNA then Release is for you.

The Release Initiative focuses on training guys in foundational Kingdom DNA and then sends them out to plant the gospel of the Kingdom in cities around the world. The core DNA is Kingdom, Disciple, Society, and Church with each having sub-categories underneath them. In the words of Director Sam Smith, "A simple way to phrase the DNA of Release would be: As we make Disciples of the Kingdom, and send them out to engage all domains of Society, Jesus will build his Church."

The second intensive cohort will go deeper into the Society and Church components of the DNA. Below is a brief glimpse of what that will look like and I am looking forward to taking you all deeper on here once returning from the intensive. 

Society is composed of groups of people who work within their own areas of expertise or “domains.” These core structures of society do not change. The people working within these domains meet the basic needs of society and keep it functioning. The domains of society become crucial in the transformation of a city. Those who assume leadership in these spheres of influence have the potential to completely reshape their city; its values, priorities, and practices. In directing his people to bless their cities and the nations of the world, God is calling us to engage domains as a way of seeing God’s Kingdom come to people and cities.
Our DNA of Kingdom Disciples compels us to engage SOCIETY and then watch God build His CHURCH. The church consists of all true believers in Jesus Christ throughout all time. The Kingdom manifests itself through the church. Thus, experientially, it provides a foretaste of the future reign of God. It exists only because of Jesus Christ and is mandated with extending His mission in the world.

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