Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Kingdom Principles of Community Transformation

**The following is from the Release Initiative Kingdom Planter Training Participant Curriculum** 

Kingdom Principles of Community Transformation
(Luke 10:1-11)

1. Start with prayer (v. 2)
          a. Pray to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers
          b. Kingdom mentality is an abundance mindset

2. Three characteristics of a Kingdom Community Developer (v. 3)
          a. Humility/Vulnerable
          b. Kingdom mindset-Counter Intuitive - think what is right, not what feels right. Kingdom principles are contrary to our natural mind.
          c. Courage to obey God and His principles

3. Total dependency on God (v. 4)
          a. Remove the temptation to be God
          b. The resources for long term development are inherently present people
          c. Avoid distraction - stay focused

4. Find places of receptivity (vv. 5-7)
          a. You are discovering what God is doing, relationships and opportunities
          b. Look for points of receptivity (tipping points). Look for kids who have a desire to succeed rather than those who have no desire.
          c. Stay in one place and develop a long-term strategy

5. Receive their gift of giving (v. 7)
          a. Receiving is a position of humility (John 13:8)
          b. Giving is a catalyst for kingdom resources (Luke 6:38)

6. Heal the sick (v. 9)
          a. Heal ("therapeuo") also means menial attendant, serve them
          b. Service gives us authority to speak

7. Give a verbal witness of the Kingdom (v. 9)
          a. Say to them "Kingdom is at hand"

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