Friday, April 25, 2014

Gospel Communities vs. Small Group Mentality

Over the last ten years there has been a huge shift from traditional Sunday school programs to small groups. In my opinion this has been a positive shift, but if by small group one means Sunday school at someones house then the point has been missed. Let me be clear up front that I am all for small groups, gospel communities, missional communities, or whatever you prefer to call them. The important part for me is how this group actually functions, not what you call them.

The list below from Release gives a glimpse at some very broad generalizations between a group functioning as a gospel community and what many groups means when they say small group. Feel free to disagree and comment below.

Gospel Community                                    vs.                               Small Group
 Family Life 24/7                                         vs.                          1 hour meeting a week
 Multiplication                                              vs.                         Addition (assimilation)
Leader Facilitator                                         vs.                          Leader as Teacher
Pastors                                                       vs.                         Bible Study Leader
Goal is building                                            vs.                         Goal is education
Everyone participates                                   vs.                        Few Participate 
Trained Leaders                                           vs.                   Anyone who wants to lead
Evangelistic                                                 vs.                       Assimilation
Geographic/Domains                                    vs.                        Scattered

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