Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Engaging Domains of Society

This past weekend I took part in the second phase of the Release Initiative Spring 2014 cohort. During this two day intensive we looked at the last two components that make up DNA: Society and Church. Even though I have only known these brothers for a couple of months, there is such a deep bond with them as we sincerely desire to see the people that we minister to in our context equipped and released. There is too much content to give you everything from Release, and I would encourage you to consider going through Release; but I do want to spend the next several posts to give you a glimpse into what it is to reverse engineer how most of us think about church planting in the West.

The first area that I would like to look at is Society. Society is composed of groups of people who work and live within their own areas or domains. We need to see people in their domains of society converge.


Those who assume leadership in these spheres of influence have the potential to completely reshape their city; its values, priorities and practices. In directing his people to bless their cities and the nations of the world, God is calling us to engage domains as a way of seeing Gods kingdom come to people and cities. 


Instead of only seeing individuals sent out as missionaries we must start asking ourself, "What if the church were the missionary?" God has uniquely placed each of us and each person in our local church within domains. And within those domains God has orchestrated people that only the person in those domains can connect with. 

But as leaders within the church it is our job to help people discover their domains and release them (Eph. 4). If we would simply equip our people as everyday disciples to see themselves as everyday missionaries by engaging their domains of society then the need to create a bunch of programs to attract people to the church will cease to exist. As people start to engage domains of society, Jesus will build his church.

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