Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Church the City

"Instead of asking, 'How is your church doing', maybe we should ask, 'How is your city doing?'' -Omar Reyes.

Below one can see the difference between working with a church framework or a kingdom framework. For far too long most of us, myself included, have been operating within a church framework, but it is time that we all transition to operating off of a kingdom framework.

Church Framework                                                                Kingdom Framework

Preachers                                                                               Disciples

Church Focus                                                                          City Transformation

Church Growth                                                                        Church Multiplication

Doing Church                                                                           Domain Engagement

Denominational Values                                                             Kingdom Principles

Church Fund Raising                                                                Kingdom Collaboration

The above post is part of a series that is giving a brief over on what one receives in a non-residential church planting cohort with the Release Initiative

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