Friday, March 28, 2014

Help Matt Papa Make A Live Record

Roughly three years ago I was part of a campus pre-launch at the the Summit Church where they were trying out different worship leaders each week, which led to my introduction to the closest thing I had experienced to Keith Green in person. Matt Papa came in and led us through song for a few weeks and although he aims to glorify Christ alone, I was immediately a fun of him as a musician. One of the things that I appreciate about Matt is that he is passionate about the nations and seeing those who have never heard of Jesus come to know and worship him.

I own a couple of Matt's albums, but agree that a live album would help bring the full experience to my car and home. Now there is an opportunity to make that live atmosphere a reality as Matt is working on funding a live album, but he needs our help. Recording an album is not cheap, but with the help of many friends this can quickly become a reality. To learn more on how you can support this album and receive some cool perks yourself go and check out his kickstarter campaign.

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