Monday, March 24, 2014

Being Bearded, Missional & Incarnational

Over the weekend I took part in my first beard competition and let's just say that my beard was greatly humbled going up against people that have been growing facial hair for a much longer time. The event was a lot of fun and included many different styles of beards and mustaches. To those outside of the bearded world you probably don't understand the craze with facial hair these days, but without fleshing it out the US is really going back in history to a time when facial hair was more prevalent. I don't care what color of skin our next president has, but I do hope that he has a gnarly beard.

Another growing trend that is helping encourage the growth of beards is beard and mustache clubs all over different cities. Saturday night there was at least ten different clubs represented and half of those were from five different cities in North Carolina. So, yes, it is a good time to have a beard and no they are not only for aspiring Vikings or hipsters. One of the cool aspects of these different clubs is that they are really breaking the stereotypes of who sports facial hair and in a given group one will see business professionals, bikers, pastors, and of course some hipsters.

The idea of a beard and mustache club is just one more example of how I can be missional and incarnational in my context with a group that has a common bond or interest. And when I say missional here, I mean joining a club like this because I enjoy the common art of beard growing and being an incarnational disciple of Christ amongst them. My goal then is to establish the kingdom amongst that club as it is in heaven in one of my natural "domains" of society. The last thing that I would want to do is start my own form of a "Christian" beard club. This is a horrible idea that Christians did for years, but thankfully is beginning to change.

For each of us this idea of being missional and incarnational within our areas of expertise or interest will look different because we are all naturally gifted in different areas. But we are all called to establish the kingdom in those places and to make disciples of those people as you are going. If one of your areas happens to be facial hair then check out this beard oil and this conditioner.

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