Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What Kingdom Churches Look Like

On Monday I introduced the Glocal Church as presented by Bob Roberts Jr. Today is a continuation of what a Glocal/Kingdom Church looks like from the Release cohort that I am part of this Spring.

Kingdom In, Kingdom Out

  • The key to increasing our light potential in a dark world is to first increase our saltiness.
  • The Kingdom means that we are committed to being salt and light whether the people we serve all become Christians or not.
  • The Kingdom is about serving the whole world.
  • The Kingdom is about being in touch locally and globally with poor, the persecuted and the under-privileged.
  • The Kingdom is about focusing on exponential multiplying growth here and among the nations rather than numeric growth.
  • The Kingdom is about moving from information to transformation.
  • The Kingdom is about moving from believing it to living it.
Kingdom Churches
  1. A Kingdom Church is Missional
  2. A Kingdom Church is Incarnational
  3. A Kingdom Church is Organic
  4. A Kingdom Church is Contextual
  5. A Kingdom Church is Glocal
  6. A Kingdom Church is an Evolving Church

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