Friday, February 21, 2014

ReFraming Four Foundational Principles In Church Planting

Over the past two weeks I have primarily allowed my posts to focus on the Release church planting cohort that I am part of this Spring. By now it should be obvious that most networks and denominations start with "church" but Jesus starts with "Kingdom" when it comes to church planting. Below is a way that you can start to make the shift from church to kingdom by reframing four foundational principles in church planting.

         a. Church: Gospel of Atonement
         b. Kingdom: Gospel of the Kingdom

          a. Church: A member that shows up on Sunday, tithes, and maybe serves
          b. Kingdom: Hear & Obey. Obedient follower of Jesus led by Holy Spirit

          a. Church: See it as an enemy. No concern for the world since our gospel atonement informs us that the end goal is limited to going to heaven.
          b. Kingdom: See it as the grid in which we operate. The goal is to bring heaven to earth. Jesus taught us to pray, "May your Kingdom come, may your will be done on earth as it is in heaven."

4. Church
          a. Church: Building - 1611 King James Version translated "Kriche" a Germanic word that means building and it is where we get our word Church.
          b. Kingdom: In Greek, however, church is "Ek-Klesia" meaning "Called out one." It was never meant to be anything other than God's people. The Kingdom of God is the family of God living under His rule and reign.
The above post is taken from the Release Kingdom DNA Training curriculum.

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