Monday, February 17, 2014

9 Ways the Western Church Has Wandered from God's Intention for the Church

One of the key components of the Release is Kingdom DNA, which includes what Bob Roberts Jr. refers to as the Glocal Kingdom. During the cohort we discussed some of what "Glocal," meant, much of it coming from Roberts books Globalization: How Followers of Jesus Engage a Flat World.

"Glocal" is the seamless integration between the local and the global. It captures the reality of a world that has become comprehensively connected through technology, commerce, communication, and travel. The world, to use Thomas Friedman's phrase, has become flat. Over there is here. Here is over there. All religions are now everywhere. We no longer have the option of choosing to live a sheltered life of isolation from the rest of the planet.

Globalization is not the result of technology and development that has and is merging, but the end result of God's plan for the world and nations all along. This is not a test. This is not a phase. This is the ultimate connectedness that God has planned for the world since the first day of creation. Technology and development are only the means that God established long ago to connect us because it is a glocal faith.

Roberts goes on to give ways that the Western Church has lost the intention's for the church given by God.

9 Ways the Western Church has Wandered from God's Intention for the Church

  1. We became lost in modernity
     2. We became lost in consumerism

     3. We became lost in success

     4. We became lost in mega-mania

     5. We lost the Spirit to Industrialization

     6. We lost our leadership from Great Souls to Great Stars

     7. We became lost in the culture and lost our voice

     8. We lost our mission to bureaucracies - from institution to denominations

     9. We lost intimacy to religion

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