Monday, January 20, 2014

Lately, I've Been Daniel Hodges

My friend Daniel Hodges is recording his first solo album, but is needing some help to pull it off. I've known Daniel for over fifteen years and listened to his music develop and mature over the years. I am excited about his solo project and would love to see it get funded to help make his dream a reality. Below you will hear from Daniel himself and here is a link to his kickstarter page so you can at least give $10 to help fund the album and receive a copy yourself.

From Daniel,

When I was 3 years of age my brother bought his very first (and only) electric guitar, and immediately I began tearing the strings off and begging for it to become my own. Around my 10th Christmas, my brother Randall got sick of the begging and gave up his dreams of shredding - but with the guitar came an agreement: I would never follow the trend, just for the sake of being understood, and that I would always respect the value of other artists, regardless of genre or the tools they chose to express their art. 
 About 10 years after my first guitar, I decided that it was time to record my first "solo album" (solo meaning songs originally crafted by or for my own use, not with help of a set group of other musicians). As soon as I decided to record this record, I called my brother who was living on the other side of the country and started talking about how we would record this when I was visiting later that summer - he reluctantly agreed to handle the technical end. We began work on a record that summer, but we were unsuccessful in finishing quick enough before the other parts of our professional lives took over. 
 In the summer of 2012, Randall lost a short battle with a cruel illness. The last time I saw him, sitting on a couch in a hotel suite in Hollywood (one of the most posh places either of us had ever been for sure), just before I left he looked at me and said, "Hey...finish that album, alright?" A year and a half later, and I finally have the songs in place, and talent that my brother would be proud to help represent those songs.
Will Noon (as seen with FUN., Cuddle, Straylight Run, etc.) has agreed to come in and help me craft some of these songs into something you all might want to listen to, and we'll be tracking at one of my favorite spaces in my home town (old house studio), with one of the best engineers around, Chris Garges. In addition to these two, there are a handful of area musicians who will be dropping in to help with some of the instrumentation.
I, however, can not do it with out a little financial help, so I'm asking for all of my friends, friends' friends, family, family of family, and 'fans' to help me out! Each incentive is worth its asking price, so if you fear being taken advantage of - don't! 

Daniel Hodges - Telephone Wire from Mahogany, Inc. on Vimeo.

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