Wednesday, January 29, 2014

It All Stays Behind

The last couple of weeks my family has been blessed with a fully furnished house to stay in during our visit to Wilmington, NC. Visiting this city is like coming home for us in many ways because this is the first city where Andrea and I lived together and started our marriage. We are also still in a state of transition back to the US and although we loved our time with family we needed a break at a place where it could be just our family for a couple of weeks.

Arriving at the house we were unaware of the story of why it was available. We walked in and the house is fully furnished from the late seventies maybe early eighties with all the essential kitchen needs, family pictures on the walls, books on the shelves, and even some clothes in the closets. It was like going back in time when we walked inside the house for the first time.

A few days later we saw the man who blessed us with staying in this house and asked him where his in laws were, to which he replied, "They're dead!" We were saddened to learn that this couple had both passed away in the last four years due to cancer.

Though the couple who lived in this house for so many years are gone, the house is still as if they live in it. I imagine that not much has changed since either one of them passed. As I sit in what was likely "the man's" recliner I think how this was probably his chair to sit and watch television.

I noticed the other day that I was drinking my coffee out of a mug that had the name "Sandy," on it to realize that I'm drinking out of this man's mug who is no longer here. Being at this house has served as a great reminder that when we leave this earth we take nothing with us. It all stays behind. Our family, our friends, and all of our earthly possessions.

The only thing that really matters for eternity is whether or not you surrendered your life to Christ on this earth and allowed him to die in your place in order to be restored to God. No, there is nothing wrong with prioritizing family and having possessions, but are you preparing yourself for eternity?

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