Friday, January 17, 2014

Discoveries of Church Planting Movements via Bob Roberts Jr.

In preparation for the upcoming Release Initiative church planting cohort in February, I am reading Bob Roberts Jr. book, The Multiplying Church. I am loving what I have read so far and believe that in order for the church in the west to truly see the type of church planting movements that are happening in the east that this book will be a good starting place.

Movement has basically become another buzz word within the church today, similar to missional, but Roberts points out that there is no one alive today in the US context that has ever seen a church planting movement. He goes on to say, "In the United States it's bee over 120 years since we've seen a church planting movement."

That is not to say that we cannot or will not experience one, my prayer is that my country will see one just as many parts in India and other places around the world are experiencing. Roberts goes on to share a number of discoveries that he has made regarding movements.

Discovery 1: It's not about a church planting movement - it's about a Jesus movement!

Discovery 2: Jesus movements are highly personal and highly societal.

Discovery 3: Jesus movements take time.

Discovery 4: Jesus movements are led by disciples, not by church planters.

Discovery 5: Historically there is only one national Jesus movements per nation that involves everyone. After that, there are sub-movements within the broader movement. 

Discovery 6: Jesus movements surge from the young.

Discovery 7: Jesus movements are collaborative.

Discovery 8: Jesus movements hinge on the Holy Spirit.

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