Friday, December 27, 2013

Top Ten Blog Posts of 2013

2013 has been another growing year of blogging for me personally. This year the look of the blog changed slightly and I finally went to my own web domain,, instead of sticking with the traditional blogger page. The global audience of readers grew again this year and 2013 doubled the amount of monthly views from 2012. As a way to revisit this past year, I want to share the top ten blog posts of this year. Be on the lookout for more content in 2014 as I plan to continue the development of both my own writing skills and the blog itself. Thank you for another great year!

10. Making One Stumble and Making One Uncomfortable Are Not the Same Thing

Making a person stumble and making a person uncomfortable are two very different things, but they are often assumed to be the same thing. This piece takes a look at the two and helps to differentiate between them in our day to day social interactions with others.

9. Moving Law to Grace on Alcohol and Tobacco

Things such as alcohol and tobacco are not as black and white like many Christians would like to make them; but they would both fall into a "gray" issue. This piece looks at this topic in a different light and commends Moody Bible Institute for the drop on their ban of use of alcohol and tobacco.

8. Book Giveaway: A Call to Resurgence

In Mark Driscoll's newest book, he delivers a wake up call to all Christians: We are living in a post-Christian culture-a culture fundamentally at odds with faith in Jesus.

7. Introducing Liam Gideon Boyd

The birth of my second son has changed me and my family forever. Daily Liam brings so much joy to our lives and those around him through his personality and smile. This piece takes a look at the meaning behind his name and his introduction to the world.

6. Quotes from Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart

This piece was straightforward with some of the most noteworthy quotes from J.D. Greear in his newest book Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart. The topic of the book is one that all Christians have wrestled with at some point and likely one of the best to be released on the topic in the last five years.

5. When the Known Becomes Unknown

My family is still in a state of the known becoming the unknown as today marks two weeks since we have returned from our life in S. Asia. This post reads like an open journal as I am brutally honest with the emotions that I was dealing with as this was written.

4. Making A Disciple that Makes Another Disciple Every 6 Months Could Change the World

I have always been bad at math, but it is amazing what you can figure out when you do a math equation. This piece looks at how the entire population could hear about Jesus if all Christians would just simply make a reproducing disciple every six months.

3. Dr. Benjamin Carson's Speech at the National Prayer Breakfast

If you don't know who Dr. Benjamin Carson is than you should, but watching this speech from the National Prayer Breakfast with President Obama is well worth your time.

2. 3801 Lancaster - A Documentary Revealing the Kermit Gosnell Story

This piece shares the trailer for the story of one of the most gruesome murder trials in US history, revealing the Kermit Gosnell Story.

1. 10 Observations My First Week Back in the USA

Today marks two weeks that my family has been back in the US, but this piece was written just one week back as a way to express some initial observations. One thing I fear and I know will happen as that I will quickly lose my new perspective as I begin to blend back in with my first culture.

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