Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Essential Characteristics of an International Church Planter - SENDRDU

The last two years I have been serving overseas as an International Church Planter and I frequently receive an email with people asking me about what this looks like, what is required, and what are the qualifications. The following list is the essential characteristics of an International Church Planter that one is required to possess in order to be sent out by my local church, the Summit.

  1. Spiritual Vitality & Maturity
    1. Do they give evidence of a Gospel‐centered life?
    2. Do they possess a passionate love for Jesus and a vibrant devotional life?
    3. Do they exhibit a godly character?
    4. Are they growing in their understanding of the gospel and Christ‐likeness?
  2. Calling
    1. Can they communicate a compelling personal calling? Do others recognize their call?
    2. Are they ready to work hard to see this calling fulfilled?
    3. For couples – does their spouse share their call? Do their children support their call?
  3. Healthy Marriage and Family
    1. Do they exhibit a healthy marriage and family?
    2. Do they understand the balance of family and ministry?
    3. For Singles – Are they content in their singleness?
  4. Humble/Teachable
    1. Have they displayed a humility and willingness to listen and learn from others?
    2. Are they submissive and responsive to leadership?
    3. Can they receive constructive criticism and feedback?
  5. Relational
    1. Do they show genuine love and compassion for people?
    2. Do they establish and maintain healthy relationships?
    3. Are they friendly? Do they take the initiative to meet new people?
  6. Missional
    1. Can they naturally build relationships with the unchurched?
    2. Do they consistently and effectively share the Gospel with the unchurched?
    3. Have they shared the gospel with people from a different culture?
    4. Have they discipled others? Are they engaged in disciple‐making now?
  7. Committed to Biblical Community
    1. Are they active members of the church?
    2. Do they love the local church as God’s primary strategy for advancing the gospel?
    3. Are they committed to loving one another?
    4. Are they willing to be accountable to others?
  8. Flexible/Adaptable
    1. Are they adaptable to new people, places, cultures and concepts?
    2. Do they exhibit flexibility to changes and needs?
    3. Are they willing and committed to learning a different language and culture?
  9. Resilient
    1. Do they have an entrepreneurial, risk‐taking spirit?
    2. Have they demonstrated resilience and the ability to push through adversity? 

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