Monday, October 21, 2013

Developing A Bible Learning Plan

As important as it is for us to spend time daily in the Word of God, I often question how much good it is doing if people are only reading through the passage with no time for reflection. If you are only reading then keep on doing that, but add some time for reflection and true study. Dr. Chuck Lawless has pointed out a way for Christians to develop a Bible learning plan so that as one studies they are also able to learn more effectively.
  1. Follow a reading plan. YouVersion is probably one of the better ones available today and it has all types of plans that you can tailor make.
  2. Always pray before reading. 
  3. Use a good study Bible. I personally use the ESV Study Bible and think that you should too.
  4. Don't be afraid to utilize good commentaries. For most people, owning a simple one volume commentary including all 66 books can be helpful and help you gain confidence in interpreting Scripture. 
  5. As you read, be alert to verses to memorize.
  6. Using good principles of interpretation, look for truths, insights, and examples to guide you in Christian living. Find a workable method for recording these teachings. A commonly helpful method is to highlight the passages that jump out to you when reading them and then write notes in the margin.
  7. Make any changes or commitments that the Scriptures require each day. In other words become obedient to what Scripture tells you. This points back to one of the key components of the Great Commission, we are to teach people obedience.

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