Monday, October 7, 2013

Always Being Alert to Share About Jesus

Over the years I have had many conversations with other followers of Christ discussing the difficulty in getting to Jesus and the gospel in an average conversation. As believers most of us sincerely want to share with those we interact with about Jesus, but we do not always know how to make a smooth transition to the gospel. The following list in bold from Chuck Lawless reminded me of how being alert to opportunities to tell others about Christ on a daily basis can help us in this.

Intentionally develop relationships with nonbelievers. 
This can take some intentionality on your part as many Christians find themselves living in a bubble of everything "Christian." A simple way to do this is join a gym, become a regular at a pub or coffee shop,  and build relationships with the people that frequent those places. Find your third place and intentionally develop relationships.

Know people - and always be prepared to minister to them when they're hurting.
This is not a way to manipulate people, but when people are hurting it is a great opportunity to meet a tangible need that they may have such as preparing a meal, providing childcare, visiting the hospital, or simply being there to listen. Any of these things will likely provide the proper platform for you to share your story (testimony) and God's story (the gospel).

Do a prayer survey of those you encounter daily.
Each of us has a group of people that we interact with on a daily or at least a weekly basis. Take time to ask those people how it is that you can be praying for them. Even nonbelievers will often not turn down the opportunity to have someone listen to them and in turn pray for them. One would be suprised at the conversations this will also lead to, most often allowing one to share their faith in Jesus.

Take the initiative to ask others about themselves. 
If someone sees you truly care about them and want to get to know them then they will often open up to you. Through this two way interaction, you will have the opportunity to share about the most important person in your life.

Be ready to respond appropriately when someone asks about your day or weekend.
Most of us answer questions such as, "How are you doing?" or "How was your weekend?" in a superficial way with something like "Okay" or "Fine." Why not be ready to give a genuine response that will open up further conversation.

Learn to bridge conversations to talk about your Christianity. 
This is really what this post is all about. In order to naturally bridge your conversations to the gospel can take time, but be patient so that they are not contrived or fake. Part of bridging a conversation is also about contextualization to know what is appropriate in a given culture and cross the bridge when it comes up. The point of a bridge is to cross it, so remember not to camp out too long on your bridge when your goal is to get to Jesus and the gospel.

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