Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Release Initiative

Monday I interviewed Sam Smith who is the Director of the Release Initiative, which focuses on training guys in foundational Kingdom DNA and then sends them out to plant the gospel of the Kingdom in cities around the world. The core DNA is Kingdom, Disciple, Society, and Church with each having sub-categories underneath them. In the words of Sam Smith, "A simple way to phrase the DNA of Release would be: As we make Disciples of the Kingdom, and send them out to engage all domains of Society, Jesus will build his Church." 

Today I want to give you a little better idea of what it is that Release does and encourage you to consider them as a viable option for you if you are called to plant a church. I am actually considering applying for their spring cohort myself in order to become a future coach with Release.

What Does Release Do?

Release Initiative, a ministry of Mosaic Church Chicago, is a Global, Muti-ethnic, Chicago-based church planting intensive for potential and existing church planters and leaders. We train in DNA, assess, coach, resource and release.
DNA: We spend two intensives per cohort going deep in our DNA (Kingdom, Disciple, Society and Church). We train, equip and coach in this DNA and we believe that this DNA is foundational for the life of your church and city.
Assessment: We will do a post-cohort assessment for each participant to help you understand where you are as a Church leader and what gifts you have been given to build up the Church.
Coaching: After one has completed the cohort we will provide ongoing coaching as you live out the DNA in your particular context.
Resources: We provide you with actual and recommended resources, including Skype coaching calls from various leaders/pastors that will help you apply the DNA in your context.
Releasing: Once you have completed the cohort we will help release you (a disciple) as a sent one into the grid of your city (society) with Kingdom DNA to see the Church emerge. This could look different for each participant, it could mean a) helping connecting you to a network for additional financial support (such as NAMB, A29, Redeemer City to City, Summit Network, etc), b) getting you plugged into the life of Mosaic as an apprentice or leader or c) releasing you to your already existing church leadership position. All participants will be part of the Release family as we continue to coach you in DNA and learn from one another.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Release Initiative is a ministry of Mosaic Church Chicago. To learn more or apply for the upcoming cohort visit the Release website.

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