Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Going to People Like Jesus Did

Since moving into our apartment building six months ago my family has tried many times to connect with our neighbors, specifically the ones in our building. We live on the eighth floor of a ten floor building that has four apartments per floor so you do the math. Initially we hosted a Christmas party inviting everyone. We had an okay turn out, but it wasn't the big hit that we were expecting. Numerous other times we have invited people over, only to receive little response. This was discouraging for my family as we desperately desire to connect with our neighbors and see them reached with the gospel.

Then it hit me, yes six months later, that we have been going about it in the wrong way. In the words of Steve Addison, "Jesus didn't wait for the people to come to him. He walked from village to village looking for people..." 

Although our parties and dinners were well intentioned, we had been expecting the people to come to us based on the invitation alone. And looking back on the six months we have been in this location I remember the best conversations have taken place when I went to the house of one of my neighbors uninvited. 

Sadly most of our churches make the same mistake that my family made. We throw these huge events or invite someone to attend our Sunday service, but rarely go to them. Yes, people will come to those huge events and some may even visit on a Sunday, but it is time to get outside of those four walls and go to the people like Jesus did. Jesus did not wait for the people, but went looking for them, which led him to many types of places to have interactions with many types of sinners. The sinners that most of you probably don't want sitting in the chairs of your church on Sunday if you are honest. 

But what if we started taking the posture of Jesus and truly left our comfort zone and went to the people? Imagine with me for a minute the impact that would have on a community of people both in the church and outside the church. This week go to the people like Jesus did and stop waiting on them to come to you because many of them will never show.

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