Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Real Change = Heart Change

I hate going to the dentist, not because of the time that it takes, but I hate going somewhere that I know I will leave in pain. The pain though is brought on myself. I have a confession to make, I am not a good  flosser so my gums are usually swollen and not in the best shape. Yes, I know all the reasons that I should floss at least once a day, but I can give you many more reasons why I do not. This results in me being in the dentist chair longer than most because of the plack build up on my teeth.

On my recent trip the dentist asked me, "Do you floss daily?" I smiled and said, "No, I am not going to lie to you, I rarely floss." To which he responded, "It is okay if you do not want to floss, only floss the teeth that you want to keep." Ouch, point taken. Now, usually I would leave the dentist with a new determination to floss daily, maybe even twice a day so that my gums are healthier and I no longer have plack build up on my teeth. But, I have done this my whole life so what should make the dentist or myself believe that this time will be any different? Nothing.

Our struggle with sin is similar, we usually struggle with one or two sins more than others. As a result we will fall into the sin, feel bad, ask forgiveness, and then promise to try harder next time. That sounds all good and well until the next time. For many this can become an endless cycle of entrapment into one sin. It is not that forgiveness doesn't work or that we probably were not genuinely apologetic, but often times there has been no real heart change.

The reason that I promise to do better with my flossing is because it is what I know I am supposed to do, even if I have no plans of changing my routine. Sin is the same way, we often feel guilty for the sins we have committed because we know that we are supposed to do, but if there is no real change (heart change) then nothing will change. The key to our struggle with sin is that we often turn to our own strength to overcome sin, when we need to turn to the person, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. In our weakness, he is our strength. After all he was tempted in every way that we are but never gave in  to any temptation. Real Change = Heart Change.

In regards to your sin, you can't fix it or change on your own, but Christ can fix it and can change you.

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