Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Are You Willing To Play the Background?

Every person has dreams and ambitions of what they want to do in life, including those in Christ and ministers of the gospel. Dreams and ambitions are good, often from God, and what helps us strive on towards the goal. But my question is are you willing to play the background?

Let me use my own life as an example for a minute. I am a 27 year old in full-time paid vocational ministry who most have never heard of and most never will. I am not the leader of some huge church or ministry that you hear about, read books (or blogs) that I write, or attend a conference to hear me. Not longer after I moved overseas I had one of the most humbling ministry experiences. I drove three hours to a training that I expected thirty plus people to show up to only to have a handful show up. At that moment I had to question my own reasons and motivations for being overseas. If I had to be honest at that moment a handful of people was not exciting, how was I supposed to make this number sound incredible in a newsletter?

This forced me to be honest, but also to embrace the background. Hip-hop artist Lecrae refers to this in his song "Background" that I encourage you to take a listen. In your own life, doing what God has called you to do, are you willing to play the background? Living the background is not living a lesser life or a lesser calling, but it is embracing the place that we are all called to be behind Christ.

Read the lyrics while you listen.

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  1. I would say that you likely at least have some behind-the-scenes affirmation that you are doing what you need to be doing, like your leadership at the "company" or those of us who communicate that we pray for you. Your prayer cards are in a few key places around our church. By comparison, I've taught classes and organized prayer meetings where no one showed - not a soul other than myself and the Lord. Perhaps that's a negative affirmation of some sort? I could easily work in the background if I knew that I was doing what I was supposed to be doing.