Friday, June 28, 2013

5 Questions For Training Believers to Make Disciples and Plant Churches

Many times either on here or in a conversation with someone I will share the methods that we use in S. Asia to see the gospel go forward to start reproducing churches. A common response is that I live in a different culture, but those methods will not work in the US. Sure, the way in which the methods are implemented may look different for each context, but the method itself can and does work worldwide. A practitioner of the methods both in Nepal and now rural NC is a man named Jeff Sundell.

Jeff has seen much fruit both in parts of S. Asia and now the US, but the key was that he realized he could not do it all on his own. In response to this realization, Jeff started to ask himself five questions:

  • How do I enter an unreached region and connect with people?
  • How do I share the gospel?
  • How do I make disciples who disciple others?
  • How do I form groups in the community that will reproduce?
  • How do I develop and multiply local leaders?
These same five questions are useful for all of us to ask in our context, whether that be in the village of India, rural NC, or New York City. In each context, answering these five questions is the key to getting into an area, sharing the gospel, making reproducing disciples, forming them into communities of faith, and developing multiplying leaders. 

The thing I really like about these five questions is that they can be asked and answered by anyone, these are not for some elite level of seminary trained Christians. In other words you don't necessarily need to change the routine of your normal life in order to implement these, instead start asking these questions and see what happens as you answer them, you may be surprised!  

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