Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Seeking the Lost As Jesus Did

This week I started reading the book What Jesus Started: Joining the Movement, Changing the World by Steve Addison. In chapter one he goes into why Jesus came and in concluding the chapter he says, "Jesus came to seek and save what was lost." Addison then goes on to give us six ways that Jesus did this that would be helpful for us to remember as we seek out the lost in our lives:

1. Jesus saw the end. 
He was moved with compassions. He prepared his disciples to take the gospel to the whole earth.

2. Jesus connected with people.
Jesus crossed whatever boundaries stood in the way and connected with people. 

3. Jesus shared the gospel.
Jesus proclaimed the good news of salvation in words and deeds.

4. Jesus trained disciples.
He modeled and taught them a new way of life.

5. Jesus gathered communities.
Jesus formed his disciples into communities characterized by faith in him, love for one another, and witness in word and deed.

6. Jesus multiplied workers.
Jesus equipped his followers to make disciples of all nations.

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