Monday, May 20, 2013

Divine Appointments

Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails. 
-Proverbs 19:21

My family has been staying in the city where we will deliver our second son so we are without a car and relying on public transportation to get around. The most common, convenient, and cheapest mode of transport for us is what they call an auto-rickshaw. Sure, it is not the most comfortable ride to get around when the temperatures are soaring in the 100's daily, but it is what we use the most. There are actual taxi companies that we could call, but they are more expensive and you have to wait longer so are rule of thumb is not to take them.

On friday, however, I was with my son waiting for an auto-rickshaw when I see an actual taxi coming my way. He pulls over and instead of my natural instinct telling me just tell him no, I felt compelled to use this taxi to get to the mall.

The driver starts driving the direction we need to go and I simply ask him about his faith/religion to which he replies, "I am a Hindu sir, but I have been reading the Bible recently that an American man gave me sometime back." He then continues, "I feel a peace like I have never felt before when reading the Bible, but I want someone to tell me why did the Jesus hang on the cross."

You can imagine my surprised look to his response to my question. So in our fifteen minute drive to the mall we discuss faith, the Bible, why Jesus died on the cross, etc. Once arriving at the mall he opens his glove box and shows me the Bible that he has been reading. We talk a little longer, exchange numbers, and then he leaves to get home as I was his last customer of the day. He actually told me that he was on his way home because his work day was finished when he saw me and decided to pull over.

Now, I don't know about you, but this is what I would call a divine appointment from beginning to end. I broke my own rule of taking a more expensive taxi and felt compelled to do so. It is not uncommon for me to ask someone about their faith, but I have never gotten the type of response that I did, which is obviously someone open to the gospel. The driver himself was on his way home to end his day and he too decided to stop and pick me up.

We both had our plans, but it was obvious that God had different plans. This week I plan to meet with the driver to dig into the gospel deeper and ask that you pray as we meet that he would understand the gospel and Jesus death and resurrection clearly. How about you, Are you looking for the divine appointments in your life? What is a divine appointment that you have experienced recently in your life? Share below.


  1. Thanks for the follow up with this fellow. It's often overlooked or poorly done in evangelism, but discipleship is the element that Jesus mentioned in the Great Commission. Either evangelism is only part of discipleship or evangelism should be more broadly defined to include all aspects of making disciples, including the continuing personal instruction and admonition we call discipleship.

    Technically, we can say that all of our encounters are divine appointments. Otherwise, I can't point to any that I've had recently. If God has used me in a significant way in someone's life recently, I certainly don't know anything about it to the point where either God delights in keeping me in the dark or He simply doesn't have much of anything for me to do for right now besides pray and study.

  2. Jim, I agree that follow up in some form is essential, but often overlooked. This is one issue I have with short-term trips that are disconnected from a local body because you can have many responses to salvation, but no discipleship thereafter. I was reminded of this today myself as the guy in this story and I spent over two hours together discussing the Bible as he had so many questions. Praise God that he is now following Jesus, but I know that is only the beginning of his discipleship. I am only in the city I am in for maybe another month so I am now going to try and connect him with a local body, hopefully see him baptized, and continuing to be discipled from there.

    Technically you are right that all encounters could/can be seen as divine appointments, but this was one of those God has been using different things to bring this guy to himself and now he is allowing me to piggyback of off others to see this guys respond in belief and faith to Christ alone.