Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Answering the "What" and the "Why"

On Monday afternoon I met with the taxi driver that I mentioned in my most recent post. We walked, sat, drank chai, and talked about the Bible and the things of God for over two hours. It was a great afternoon and to God be the glory this taxi driver, Raju, is now following Jesus as Lord of his life. As great as the afternoon went and even better that he is now a brother in Christ, there was one thing that continually stuck out to me. During the last three years at many different times people had given Raju some of the "what" of the Bible and the Gospel, but nobody had even given him the "why."

Approximately three years ago someone had given him a New Testament and I am thankful for whoever did this, which gave him a good starting place, but he was left with no explanation. Over the next three years he met a few other followers of Christ and one person even gave him an evangecube, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but according to his own story he was continually given some of the "what," in this case he knew that Jesus died, but he was never given any of the "why."

This man has even attended a church a few times, but he was still only given more "what" and never any "why." So in the midst of our conversation I picked up on this very early and did my best to give him both the "what" and the "why." I am thankful for all of those people that he met during the last three years because I believe that God placed them in his life as a means to begin to draw Raju to Himself, but it also showed me the importance of answering both the "what" and the "why" when sharing the gospel.

In the midst of our time together I could see things started to click for him as the "what" and the "why" were both given to him. At the end of our time together he was so happy as he finally had some understanding of "why" Jesus died. In his own words, "God placed you in my life to answer all of these questions I have been looking for answers to...I now have a peace as I have found God." Although there is much discipleship that needs to take place from here, this man now has some of the "why," and understand the phrase, "Jesus in my place."

So as you live on mission in your city and share the gospel with people, make sure that you are given them the "what," but also the "why." For Raju I came to him as the answer to the question/s that he has been asking the last three years; but I believe that they could have been answered for him much sooner if someone would have just stopped to see if he had an understanding as to answer the question/s that he was actually asking.

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  1. That's wonderful!

    I always start out sharing the gospel with the "why". The "what" is irrelevant without it. I knew a Raju in Bangalore from Kerala. I probed to see if he was just a cultural Christian or a genuine Christian because I don't know that much about the historic Christianity of Kerala, but I didn't get far.

    Sadly, there are many church members in Western churches who have no clue as to the "why". They have the lingo down, but don't understand it. If you ask them, they believe that they are good people because they go to church. It's important to spell out the gospel even among long-time church members.

    Let Raju know, if it's helpful, that brothers in the States rejoice over having him as our brother and pray for him as he grows in his faith.