Monday, April 15, 2013

Making A Disciple that Makes Another Disciple Every 6 Months Could Change the World

I recently posted a video from the Story about how the whole world could hear and be changed by the Gospel in 20 years time. Yes, you read that right it is possible that within twenty years time the entire world could be reached, but it has been that way for sometime and it hasn't happened yet. Similarly I started looking at some numbers for the language group that I have been working amongst the last year, which currently has >.06% Christians, and discovered that if every current follower of Jesus would make just one new disciple every six months and that process continued with all of those new disciples that in less than five years this language group could be reached.

The numbers are astonishing when you break it down to the amount of the population that is currently in Christ and how fast the rest of the population could be reached. This exact scenario is what I challenged these leaders and believers with last week. That by the year 2018 they could say that all people amongst their language have heard the gospel as Paul said that all of Asia had heard in Acts 19:10.

But for that to happen what is it going to take? In the case of the language group that I am working with it will take all 20,000 believers on mission that are committed to making at least one new disciple every six months that will also go on to make new disciples. For your context it is likely that within just a few years the entire population could be reached, but it is going to take all people in Christ on mission together. Therein lies the problem, equipping all people and releasing all people as ministers of the gospel.

In a context like the US this math equation could reach most areas within one to two years if it worked out the way that it is supposed to, but it most likely will not because A. Not all people will be properly equipped and B. Not all leaders are willing to release authority.

Here is a list of some Common Barriers to this happening:
  • Lack of Prayer for the People or Place
  • Lack of Gospel Sharing
  • Delaying Baptism
  • Lack of Long-term discipleship
  • Lack of Accountability
  • Jealousy amongst leaders
  • Lack of cooperation between churches and denominations
So what is it going to take in your area to see your people or place reached? Take some time over the next few days and do the math and I promise you will be astounded at how little it would take to say as Paul did that there was no place left!

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