Monday, March 4, 2013

We Are Fools if There Is No Resurrection

If in this life we have hoped in Christ, we are of all people most pitied.
-1 Corinthians 15:19

Growing up I have always been around the impression that even if in the end there were no God and Jesus never resurrected that to be a Christian was still living a "good" life. For many years this was my own viewpoint when considering the alternatives, but as soon as you travel to persecuted areas of the world that is no longer the case. If you are living in many parts of the world, being a Christian is not the better option if there is no God or resurrection, you would be an utter fool to choose the hardship that comes with daily taking up your cross and following after a myth.

It is hard for us in the West to really grasp this viewpoint because although the worldview of a Christian in the West is getting more difficult, it still does not cost you much to follow Jesus on a daily basis. And if for some reason the resurrection was proven false then we could just join the Mormons and be a bunch of good moralists that are out for the better of society. But we see Paul, the greatest missionary to ever live, tell us that if this all proves false then we are a bunch of idiots!

I even think about my own Christian life, which is mostly comfortable and some of the decisions that the gospel has led me to make. Although my family has greatly enjoyed the reward of serving in S. Asia to see churches planted, but if in the end we found out that the gospel were not true then we would consider ourselves fools. Yes, there is a lot to love about where we live, but my wife and I both agree that apart from the gospel we would have never moved here. Sure, we would have loved to have visited, but as a tourist you usually spend maximum two weeks in a place, but moving a wife and small child to live is vastly different.

So apart from the resurrection we are fools, but do not fret because I have full confidence in the resurrection. It is not uncommon to share with someone in my city about Jesus and often times when I get to his death and resurrection, the reaction is, "No, way, that can't be possible!" It is at that moment that I tell them the truth of actual recorded history and that if it were not for the resurrection I would not be a Christian and I wouldn't be wasting my time sharing it with them.

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