Thursday, March 21, 2013

Advance13 Day Two Quote Recap

Brian Flikkert:

"When the church works among the poor there is a theological statement being made."

"Good intentions are not enough in poverty alleviation."

"Alleviating poverty isn't about giving material resources. It's about walking hand in hand."

"The goal of poverty alleviation is restoration. Not throwing resources at them, but walking with them."

Andre Mann:

"Too often missionaries are tent fakers and not tent makers."

"Real transformation occurs in the marketplace not in the church."

J.D. Greear:

"Making disciples includes growing in both width and depth."

"Churches that grow wide without growing deep aren't as wide as they think."

"Converts who do not become disciples are still dead in sin."

"Converts that do not persevere as disciples do not make it into heaven."

"Churches that are faithful to the Great Commission must be both missional and attraction."

Matt Chandler:

"Let us be transformed by the power of the gospel rather than conform to the power of religion."

"We are to mature in faith, there is something seriously wrong when we act like an infant if we’re not an infant."

"Regardless of our gifting - we are all first and foremost servants of Christ."

"We can not change hearts, we are only tools in the hands of God."

"You can't give Jesus such a makeover that everyone says 'man I really like that dude'."

Brian Bloye:

"Kingdom work involves open hearts and open hands. It involves giving up control."

"An estimated 4,000 churches close their doors every year and only 1300 are started."

"Jesus' CP philosophy was catch & release, not catch & keep!"

D.A. Horton:

"You're going to offend people, just don't be a jerk while doing it."

"We have been called to represent God, not replicate God."

"The gospel transcends cultures and subcultures."

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