Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Advance13 Day One Quote Recap

Although I am unable to attend the Advance the Church 2013 Conference, I am grateful that they have made a free live web-stream available. This year the theme is Building a Faithful and Effective Church, which is a timely topic as most churches are good at one or the other, but not at doing both. The following is a list of all of the main speakers from day one with a few noteworthy quotes. I am excited to see what day two holds and will most likely post another recap with some quotes and possibly a reflection post sometime next week.


Tyler Jones:

"We have regained the fluency of speaking the gospel, but have no capacity to apply it."

"Five minutes of silence and one ounce of honesty reveals our heart."

"If God can use you to teach, He can use anyone to are just a funnel of God's Spirit"

Steve Timmis

"The Church is not only created by grace, but is called to be a beacon of grace to the world."

"We need to repent of our individualism, and go out and live as the church on mission!"

"God's purpose has always been to have a people - to reveal his glory to, and reveal his glory through."

Bryan Loritts

"What blows people away is not always the gospel preached from front but the gospel seen in the seats."

"If you want a multiethnic church preach the gospel."

"Diversity is not a church growth technique, it is a part of the gospel."

John Piper

"You cannot minister to others if you are not overflowing with joy in Christ."

"The only way we can authentically love people is to impart to them ultimate delight in Jesus."

"Fight for people's joy in Christ so that when they lose everything on earth they are joyfully satisfied in Christ."

"I work with my people for their joy -- every sermon, every wedding, every funeral, every devotional."

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