Friday, March 22, 2013

Advance 13 Day Three Quote Recap

This is third and final installment of recaps from Advance13. As much as I was able to participate through the live web stream I did and I want to thank all of the people with Advance the Church and LifeWay for offering the free webcast. If you were unable to attend or watch online, Advance is making all of the talks available for free in the next three weeks. To access these you can go to their website or download the app onto your iphone.

Rupert Leary

"Information never leads to transformation, the application of information leads to transformation."

"Evangelism cannot be taught. It explodes, spills over out of the heart that is in love. Good news is refined as it is shared."

"As goes your heart, so goes your evangelism."

"We all freely talk about what matters most to us. We have no trouble sharing good news. We have a problem seeing Jesus as good."

"I am only as gospel-centered as I am involved in evangelism."

Larry Osborne

"Legalism is never extra biblical, it's always based on the Bible, it's just never found in the Bible."

"Becoming a Pharisee is like eating at Denny's. nobody plans on it, you just end up there."

"Don't confuse discipleship with leadership. Projecting your gifts on others isn't making disciples."

"The spiritually most dangerous place in the following Jesus line is at the front."

David Platt

"Biblical discipleship occurs at the intersection of community and mission."

"Imbalance occurs in the church when we turn 'both/and' in the Bible into 'either/or'."

"Saturate your preaching with the gospel in the church, so that your people speak the gospel in the world."

“Biblical discipleship occurs at the intersection of community and mission."

"Effective preaching is not based on an innovative personality, but a faithful preacher."

*I missed the talk by Blake Wilson due to my own travelling schedule in Northeast India.

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