Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Planning the Year Ahead

Like most of you, as we start 2013 there are things in my life that I strive to see different one year from now. I have never been a big new years resolution guy, not because I don't necessarily keep them but because I see them often as a massive trend where we all want to compete with other people because we too are going to have the best workout plan, eat better, stop drinking alcohol, read the whole Bible, etc.

None of those things are bad but most often people set themselves up for a massive failure weeks or months in. Most people if they are lucky make it right up until Super Bowl weekend and what starts with a splurge away from their new lifestyle ends up being the downward spiral to their old lifestyle.

So, no I do not usually have new years resolutions but rather I set forth some new years goals and aspirations in my planning of my next year. This planning typically will be in two to three broad categories depending on my year. For example here is a few of this years broad categories:

1. Family - Andrea and I plan on taking some time in January to look at the year ahead and plan as to what our monthly life will look like as a family. We will pencil things on each others calendars as far as my traveling/ministry schedule, her ministry schedule, when we will vacation, etc. This allows for us to be on the same page and also be prepared as the year unfolds.

2. Ministry - I plan on taking some time in January to seek God and plan what my training schedule will look like for the next year as I invest in a group of men in India to equip them to go on to plant churches in places where there are none. This next year promises to be rewarding as God has brought a group of hopefully faithful men into my midst.

3. Writing - 2012 proved to be the best year yet of blogging in regards to content, audience, and interaction. My goal for last year was simply three posts a week and I managed to meet that. Hopefully by February I will re-launch the blog with a new look and feel that will be better than ever. Along with this will likely come of Facebook page so that you do not ever miss any of the content that is put out. Not sure if this will be the year or not but I have also been encouraged by many to release an e-book.

So have your new years resolutions if you must but make them realistic. And remember to look at your year ahead and plan with some goals in mind on what you want to see accomplished in your own life but ultimately for Kingdom purposes.

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