Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Four Motives for Being on Mission

I just received my copy of Dr. David A. Black's book Will You Join The Cause Of Global Missions? this week and could not put this short book down as I believe Black speaks prophetically about the task of missions globally. As Dr. Alvin L. Reid puts in the Foreword: Dave lives as a missionary because he is convinced that every follower of Christ above all else, regardless of vocation or location, has the high honor of serving Christ as a missionary. 

In the introduction Black challenges readers by asking two questions. First, would you like to become part of the Big Story of what God is doing worldwide? Second, would you like to be on mission for Him? He then lays out four powerful motives that are necessary in order to have the courage to fully embrace and answers these questions with a resounding YES!

1. Missions Is the Calling of Every Follower of Jesus

Don't think for a moment that it is more honorable to go to seminary or become a pastor than it is to serve God faithfully as a nurse or salesperson. Missions is the intended vocation for the whole people of God, no matter what your occupation may be.

2. Missions Is At Your Doorstep

"Global" missions means just that - the mission field is anywhere in the world, including right where you live. We need to learn to view our employees, our co-workers, our fellow students as our mission field. We cannot leave the work to the so-called professionals. 

3. Missions Is A Global, Cooperative Movement 

We need to repent of our independent, "let's do it our way" mentality. Failing to understand and connect with God's already-at-work global purpose is one of the greatest mistakes we can make as churches.

4. Missions Requires A Counter-Cultural Lifestyle

We must learn how to live purposefully and give strategically. In the Kingdom of God what matters is obedience. In other words, the essence of the kingdom is not theology (word) but practice (deed). 

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